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Teknivel WTC-10

Wireless Tank Level Gauge
Teknivel WTC-10

The WTC system (Wireless Tank Controller)
measure and control the liquid level in fuel tanks,
as well as to detect possible leaks.



This new provision of WTC-10 system allows to know the exact amount of product discharged in the tank for the tanker.

Medidor H2O

Teknivel H20 Meter

A simple, clean and safe method, that encourages water control routines on fuel tanks.

Tank Level Gauge WTC-10

WTC-10 is a wireless control and metering system, designed for tanks in fuel stations.
Among many of the advantages, the system installation proposed by Teknivel  doesn´t require cable ducts or floor infrastructure work, and can be carried out in a very straightforward  way without interfere with the fuel station´s normal activity.

H20 Meter

H20 is a portable electronic device which detects and measures water presence on fuel and biofuel tanks.


The company

Teknivel is an Argentinean company, specialized in the design of electronic equipments and solutions for fuel industry.