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H20 MeterNEW

Encourage water control routines with a simple, clean and safe method.

Teknivel H20 is a portable electronic device, designed to detect and measure water presence on fuel and biofuel tanks. The meter can be attached to a metallic stick, allowing introducing and extracting it into the tank bottom to measure the level of water.

H20 has a big digital display, which indicates the presence of water in millimeters.

A single device can be used for controlling all your tanks.

H20 operate in fuel tanks, as well as biofuel tanks.

H20 doesn't use paste or aggregates that can contaminate or generate sediments in the tank.

H20 can detect water quantities in your tanks as minor as 2 mm, and concentrations (for example water in alcohol) as minor as 1.5%.

H20 doesn't require maintenance, and can operate for many years with its incorporated battery.

H20 doesn't generate constant expenses.

H20 has a robust anticorrosive case, prepared to tolerate the conditions of the surroundings.

H20  is suitable to be use in explosive atmospheres (including zone 0), and has intrinsic safety certification INTI - CITEI Argentina.

Measurable liquid Water in fuel tanks.
Mixture (for example water in alcohol), with at least 1.5% of water, in biofuel tanks.
Range of measure Mín: 2 mm    Máx: 60 mm.
Indication Numeric digital in milimeters.
Display 2 LCD digit of height 12.7 mm.
Memory The last measure is displayed 30 seconds next to extract the meter from the tank.
Supply 3V Lithium battery.  Maxell CR2032 or Energizer CR2032.
Autonomy 2 to 7 years, estimating an operation of 60 minutes by day.
Materials SAE65, S.S., Acetal.
Protection IP68
Certification INTI-CITEI  2010I430X  Ex ia IIB T4
Suitable for use in explosive atmosphere (Zone 0 inclusive).
Size Diameter 56 mm,  Height 130 mm.
Weight 0.4 Kg.
Pipe tank The input of the tank must be at least 58 mm diameter.
Accesories Stainless brackets and screws, for attach to a metallic stick.
Note This product is protected by Pending Patents.