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Wireless Tank Level Gauge Teknivel WTC-10

How does it work?

WTC system installation

In each tank a wireless H1 meter is installed along with a  WTC-10 control console located inside the station office, an alrm in the tank area, and wireless signal repeaters if long distances between the tanks and the console need to be covered.

WTC10 Control Console

  • Wireless performance.
  • Detailed status display of all tanks, precise in real time.
  • Automatic detection and printing of product reception.
  • Tank leaking automatic detection, performed 24 hors a day.
  • Warning system and tank alarm program, notifying of any potential problem.
  • Internal memory for fuel measurements, volume, level, temperature, water level, alarms, power off, parameters presets, and all possible events.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic calibration tanks software.
  • Incorporated thermal printer.
  • Internal Modem (telephone or GSM/GPRS).
  • Reports and alarms emission to email addresses and cell phones via SMS.
  • LAN ethernet connectivity.

H1 wireless meter features

  • Intrinsically safe electronic device, suitable to operate within explosive environments.
  • The liquid level probe uses magnetoresistive technology, with a product float and a water float (pending patents in many countries).
  • Very simple installation (set-up), doesn’t require cable ducts or floor infrastructure work.
  • It can be installed in small spaces (up to 200 mm diameter manhole boxes).
  • Wireless operation (performance) with very low power consumption, supplied by an internal battery.
  • It can operate for more than 5 years with a 1 minute measurement rate.
  • Excellent product measurement precision: +-0.01mm.
  • Measurement of product level, temperature, leaks, and water level.
  • Patented meter.


  • Serial connection to PC.
  • LAN ethernet connectivity
  • Direct connection to telephone line.
  • Direct connection to Telephone and cellular modems GSM/GPRS.
  • Internal modem (telephone or GSM/GPRS).
  • All collected information delivered to Processing Centers, via FTP transfers.
  • Automated SMS reports delivery.
  • Automated Email reports delivery.

External Alarm Unit

The wireless alarm unit has a luminance and audible signals, that can be programmed to alert about tank overfilling and low level limits.

Why Teknivel?

The installation of the Teknivel meter system doesn’t require cable ducts or floor infrastructure work. It is very simple, without causing any station disrupts.


This new provision of WTC-10 system allows to know the exact amount of product discharged in the tank for the tanker. Ver más